Miss Rodriguez’s Final Spanish Lesson

We are all very sad at St Matthew’s to be saying goodbye to Miss Maria Rodriguez who joined us back in October as our Spanish teacher for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Her time with us has come to an end - although not in the way any of us had expected and definitely not in the way we would have chosen.

But even though Miss Rodriguez has not been teaching her weekly lessons in school, she has been contributing to our online home learning curriculum with her outstanding videos. If she doesn’t want to pursue teaching as a full-time career, we think that she definitely has all the skills to be a TV presenter! We are extremely grateful for her contribution during the lockdown.

We know that some of the children tried the recipe for Rosas de manzana but we hope that no one tried to recreate a castell in their gardens!

So the video below is Miss Rodriguez’s final one - we hope you enjoy watching it.

Although you have not had the chance to say “Adiós” to Miss Rodriguez, she will continue to look at our website and the Spanish pages in particular, so why not say goodbye in the comments section below? We’re sure that Miss Rodriguez will love seeing your messages.

Adios y gracias, Señorita Rodriguez!
Buena suerte para el futuro!


  1. Adios Miss Rodriguez it was super fun having you as a Spanish teacher. We all had fun together playing games, singing and learning. Gracias.

    1. Gracias Diljeet! I really enjoyed having fun while learning with you too! Best wishes, Miss Rodríguez.

  2. Adios Miss Rodriguez. I have loved your Spanish lessons. I now do Duolingo everyday and have weekly private Spanish lessons on zoom. Your videos are soo good. I loved this one, your origami was really good. Thank you for everything.
    Love Bethany (Badger class) xx

    1. Hello Bethany! That is a wonderful idea! I am proud that you keep learning Spanish. Thank you for being a fantastic student. Best wishes, Miss Rodríguez

  3. Adios Miss Rodriguez
    You are my favourite Spanish teacher. I enjoyed watching your videos and making apple roses with my mum.
    Rio Gazard – Elm Class

    1. Hello Rio! I am happy to read that you have enjoyed the Spanish videos and that you spent a nice time with your mum. I am going to miss being your teacher. Best wishes, Miss Rodríguez

  4. Adios Miss Rodriguez.
    Fue un placer conocerte.
    Me gustaron mucho las clases de Español.
    Me gusta el Español y continuaré aprendiendo esta maravillosa idioma.
    Gracias, y buena suerte en el futuro!
    Alexandru Pascu – Goldfinch class

    1. Translation:
      Adios Miss Rodriguez!
      It was a pleasure to meet you!
      I like Spanish and the lessons with you were interesting.
      I will continue to learn this wonderful language.
      Thank you and good luck in the future.
      Alexandru Pascu – Goldfinch class

    2. Gracias Alexandru! It is great to read that you will keep learning Spanish. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic student. Best wishes, Miss Rodríguez

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