Make Your Own Puppet Theatre

Here’s an idea for a fun project that you could try at home.

Why not make a cardboard box puppet theatre with sets and characters and then put on a show for your family?

The Little Angel Theatre in London are doing this – their theatres and puppets are wonderful. They have been featured in a short BBC News video which you can watch here:

Weren’t they brilliant? Remember that the adults in the film do this as a job all the time so they have built up some amazing modelling skills. If you try this you can keep yours simple – as the video showed with some children’s theatres towards the end.

You can get lots of ideas by clicking the logo below and visiting the Little Angel Theatre website:

If you have a go at this and you do put on a short performance, we’d love to see it so why not ask someone to record it on a phone or tablet and then send the video to the following e-mail address:

We’d love to hear what you think, so why not add a comment here?

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