You may have already seen this earlier in the week. New Zealand heavyweight boxer recreated the classic scene from the film Love Actually when the Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant, shows his moves around the rooms of 10 Downing Street.

Here’s the original clip with Hugh Grant.

And here is the version recorded in his home by boxer Joseph Parker.

This weekend, we want you to recreate the scene at home and send us your videos. Remember the important moves: feeling the beat as you stand looking out of a window; dancing like no one is watching as you come down the stairs (careful!); the sideways-shuffle from one doorway to another, and finally the realisation, as you turn around pointing, that in fact you are being watched and you try to bluff your way out of it.

Here’s the original track by The Pointer Sisters:

Now, it’s over to you!

Videos can be sent by email to website.mp@stmatthews.primaryluton.co.uk, or tweeted to @StMatthewsLuton or shared on the FB Parents’ page.


  1. Hi all 👋🏾
    Hope everyone is safe. Ulani was very keen to do the love actually challenge, so after harassing me for days I finally helped her film it. Now she keeps asking has any of my teachers seen it yet. If any of her teachers get a chance I posted it to the St Matthew’s group on Facebook. I know she would really appreciate some feedback on it, as she was so over excited to film it.
    Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone 💕

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