Times Tables Rock Stars Day


On Friday 8th November we will be having our second TIMES TABLES ROCK STARS DAY and we want you to DRESS LIKE A ROCK STAR!

This fun day will be our own launch of MATHS WEEK ENGLAND  and from Monday 11th to Saturday 16th November, we will be competing against schools across the country in the MATHS WEEK ROCK OUT to answer the most questions correctly on TIMES TABLES ROCK STARS.

Every correct question answered wins our school a point to our MATHS WEEK ROCK OUT total. The more games you play, the more questions you can answer … the more questions you answer correctly, the more points we receive.

It doesn’t matter what your rock star status is — WANNABEGARAGE ROCKERBUSKER, GIGGER, UNSIGNED ACT, BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST, SUPPORT ACT, HEADLINER, ROCK STARROCK LEGEND or ROCK HERO — you can all contribute points to our school total.

Just keep playing TIMES TABLES ROCK STARS from Monday 8th to Saturday 16th November.


top three schools;
top three classes in our school;
the top three pupils in your class and school;
top three pupils overall;
top three classes overall.

GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE trophies awarded to the top three schools.

The main prize will be a pizza party for the top three classes (most questions answered correctly on average per pupil).

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