A Great Read!

The new edition of St Matthew’s Magazine, made for and by the pupils of St Matthew’s, has hit the newsstands!

One of the highlights of this edition is an interview with Miss O’Donovan all about her amazing trip to Tanzania to climb the highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro. This Issue also includes news and stories of all the exciting activity happening around school as well as a drawing competition where your child can win exciting prizes!

This sixteen-page full colour magazine is great value for money at only 50p per copy.

You can pay for a copy on the payment section of ParentMail until 29th October 2019. It will then be delivered to your child’s classroom for your child to bring home or for you to collect.

Alternatively, after 29th October you can buy a copy from the school front office.

You can look forward to a new magazine every half term from now on. We really appreciate your support on this project. Your 50p goes towards covering the costs of printing and any money made beyond that goes back into the production of the magazine, meaning we can take our young journalists out on exciting educational trips they can then report on or spend the money on better prizes for the competitions!

The St Matthew’s Magazine project is an amazing opportunity for our pupils to develop their writing and creative skills, so if your child has an idea and wants to be involved then they can be. Just speak to Mr Green!

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