Get Set to Eat Fresh


Starting today, Friday 6th September, every time you shop at Aldi and spend £30, make sure you ask for a GET SET TO EAT FRESH sticker.

Bring the sticker into school and give it to a member of the PE team: Mr Chaplen, Mr Campbell or Mr Horton.

They will then add your sticker to the huge poster that is on display on the PE noticeboard in the Year 4 and 5 corridor.

If we are able to add 300 stickers to the poster, Aldi will give us an exclusive school sports kit.

But, more importantly, and this is the exciting part, filling our poster with 300 stickers will enable our school to enter a prize draw with the chance of being one of twenty schools who will win

to spend on sports equipment and activities to encourage everyone to become more active and, consequently, fitter and healthier.

You can collect the Aldi Get Set to Eat Fresh stickers for the next two months, until Sunday 3rd November.

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