Football’s Coming Home … again

OUR SEVENTH ANNUAL Staff v Pupils football match took place on the morning of the last day of term, with teams of staff playing against the Year 6 classes.

The event started with a new feature this year, with all spectators and participants being treated to a delicious ice cream from One Coronetto — much appreciated by everyone on what proved to be the hottest day of the term.

The excited spectators packed the stands as they waited for the start of the match.

The teams lined up for the traditional pre-match photos and then discussed tactics in their team talks. The staff team included two on-loan players who had transferred to other teams in Stopsley and Milton Keynes after the previous match – welcome back, Mr Dymock and Mr Kane.

As you can see from our new ultra-modern high-tech wi-fi digital data display scoreboard (not photoshopped at all!) in a high scoring match, the score was a close 13-11 win for the staff (we think) giving the staff a 4-3 lead overall.

There were jubilant scenes as the trophy was presented, followed by a friendly gathering of both sets of players after another thrilling end of year sporting spectacle.


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