Times Tables Rock Stars Hall of Fame

Our Times Tables Rock Stars initiative has been up and running for a few months and we are seeing some amazing improvements in the children’s recall of the times tables. This will help those in Year 4 who will soon be trialling the first times tables national test, and for those in Year 3 and below who will be tested in the summer term when they reach Year 4.

The national test will be an online test and the children will be presented with a tables fact and then be given six seconds in which to type in their answer. When using Times Tables Rock Stars, we already have almost five hundred of our pupils achieving this standard — and that includes division facts as well as multiplication facts. (Division facts will not be part of the national test.)

As the children use Times Tables Rock Stars, they can progress through a range of thirteen status positions, starting at WANNABE and progressing through GARAGE ROCKERBUSKER, GIGGER, UNSIGNED ACT, BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST, SUPPORT ACT, HEADLINER, ROCK STAR and ROCK LEGEND before reaching the ultimate goal of becoming a ROCK HERO. Anyone who is a Breakthrough Artist or higher is already achieving the standard required to pass the Year 4 national test.

This week, we have seven extra pupils who have achieved ROCK HERO status, bringing the total to 65 pupils; they are listed in the table below with the leading rockstar in each year group indicated by the smiley face emoji.

This HALL OF FAME chart can change on a daily basis. We will be publishing the list of ROCK HEROES every Sunday.

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