What’s On The Blogs?

Have you taken a look at our blogs lately?

Information about whole school events usually appears on our website homepage, but there is also a wealth of news and features about each year group in our blogs section. Every year group from Year R to Year 6 is featured, and we also have blogs detailing activities in sport, creative arts and the Family Centre.

Click on any of the coloured bars below to visit the blog.

What Happens To Waste Food?
Easter Crafts
Star of the Week!

Homework Trophy Winners
Learning About Easter

Easter Crafts
“Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader”

Easter Crafts
Fitness Challenge Week 3
Battle of the Bands

Badger Class Become Scientists
Potter’s Potions
Spelling Bee News

Mr Rowlands’s Riddle
Book Review by Daniel
Making Angles

Goodbye Planet Earth
TT Rockstars Top Performers

Girls Netball : Sundon Park
Girls Netball : 
Year 5 Netball Tournament

High Town Parent-Friendly Network

Young Voices 2019

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