Easter Discos

Wednesday 3rd April

Foundation Stage

2.00 - 3.15pm

Year 2

3.30 - 4.45pm

Year 4

5.00 - 6.15pm

Thursday 4th April

Year 1

2.00 - 3.15pm

Year 3

3.30 - 4.45pm

Year 5/6

5.00 - 6.15pm

Why not 🥚eggschange £1.50 for an 🥚eggsclusive ticket to our 🥚eggscellent Easter Disco. It’s not 🥚eggspensive, but it will be 🥚eggshilarating, 🥚eggsciting and 🥚eggstraordinary and that’s no 🥚eggsaggeration! We guarantee to send you home 🥚eggshausted but 🥚eggsuberant!

I think that’s enough egg puns.


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