St Matthew’s Primary School has been invited to take part in a study on air pollution and children’s health which is being carried out by the University of Bedfordshire, Queen Mary University of London and the NHS.

The study is called CHILL (Children’s Health in London and Luton) and it is looking at the impact of exhaust emissions on children’s lung health and development.

Our Year 3 pupils are being offered the chance to participate. All parents of children in Year 3 (Beech, Dolphin, Robin and Tulip classes) are invited to a meeting to hear more about CHILL on Tuesday 20th November at either 9am or 3pm. On the same day, the Year 3 children will hear about CHILL during the school day.

There is a four-minute video that you can watch to hear more about CHILL below.

You can also read more about CHILL here:

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