Competition – Netball World Cup

The biggest event in netball is coming to Liverpool next year and they need your help to bring lots of fun and excitement to the stadium as they welcome sixteen teams and thousands of fans from around the world!

So, how can you help?

A mascot is needed to welcome people, make them laugh, start the Mexican waves and generally be the life and soul of the party that will be the Netball World Cup 2019. Who better to help create this mascot than you?

The winning design will be brought to life in time to walk the teams out at next year’s opening ceremony and you could be walking alongside them.

Excited to get your creativity flowing? Have a read of the information below to help you design your mascot.

What to include in your entry:

* Your mascot design – What does your mascot look like?

* Your mascot’s name – What is your mascot called and how did you come up with their name?

* Your mascot’s story – In a maximum of 500 words tell us about your mascot. How have you come up with your design? What is their personality? What do they like doing? Why would they be a good mascot for Netball World Cup 2019?

Things to think about when you design your mascot

* Colour – Our Netball World Cup 2019 colours are pink, purple, yellow and blue so think about using these colours in your design. You can view these colours on our website here.

* Logo – The mascot must display the Netball World Cup 2019 logo. Think about where this can be placed on your design, working with the event colours listed above.

* Realistic – Remember that a costume will need to be produced from your design, and a person will need to go inside the costume, so think about this when you design your mascot.

* Movement – the mascot will need to be able to move around easily so they can meet and greet fans and take part in fun netball games.

* Represent – Think about how your mascot might represent the Netball World Cup – the event invites the best netball players from all over the world and takes place in the wonderful host city of Liverpool.

Competition prize

The organisers are sure there are going to be lots of brilliant mascot designs and it will not be easy for the judges to select the winner.

The designer of the winning mascot will have the amazing honour of attending the opening ceremony on  Friday 12 July 2019 and lead the mascot out into the arena – wow!

The prize will include four tickets to session two, on Friday 12 July 2019, and one night’s accommodation in Liverpool.

Don’t forget you must be aged 18 years of age or under to enter. Ask a responsible adult to submit your mascot idea before the competition closes at 11:59pm on Monday 5 November 2018.

How to enter

Please ask your parent or guardian to send us your entry by uploading your design using our online form:

You can also email your design and completed forms below to with the subject header “Mascot Competition Entry” or post it to:

Netball World Cup 2019 Mascot Competition
England Netball
3 Oakwood Drive,
LE11 3QF

Unfortunately, the competition organisers can’t return your design to you so if you’d like to keep your design, make sure you take a copy before sending the original to them.

A copy of the sheet on which you should complete your mascot design can be downloaded HERE.

Full details of the competition can be found on the Netball World Cup 2019 website.

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