Who Wants To Be A Word Millionaire?

Our Accelerated Reading programme is well-established in all classes in Years 4, 5 and 6.

At the start of the year, all of the children completed an online reading comprehension test which determined their reading age and the appropriate range of books that their reading choices should come from. All of our reading books have been assessed and each one is placed in a reading range.

Children read books at school and at home and when they come to the end of a book they complete a short reading comprehension quiz using one of our Kindle tablets.

Every time a pupil successfully passes a reading comprehension quiz, the number of words in that book is added to their individual word count total.

We award certificates every time a pupil passes a word count milestone of one million words.

So far this year we have 19 word millionaires:

  •  Year 4  Faiza Kauser.
  •  Year 5  Daisy Stapleton, Eden SylaInese Bicane, Khansa Azka-Rania, Lyndsey Jones and Omrito Hossain.
  •  Year 6  Aaliyah Miah, Alesia Matoshi, Ella Hargreaves, Emanuel Lungu, Enoch Oluwasola, Hajrah Poptani, Hibat Hassan, Maeesha Sultana, Meriem Hammoun, Naelle Esshak, Paimaan Raheel, Saad Rahman and Samiha Akter.

Three of these pupils have passed the second milestone and have become DOUBLE WORD MILLIONAIRES! They are Daisy Stapleton, Ella Hargreaves and Hajrah Poptani.

The current combined word count total for all twelve Year 4, 5 and 6 classes is  93,828,238 .

If children read a book at home and want to complete a reading comprehension quiz, they can find its AR Quiz Number using this website: www.arbookfind.co.uk.

They can then log into their Accelerated Reader account by clicking on this link.

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