Road Safety Week: Winning Banners

During our ROAD SAFETY WEEK, our Year 4 and 5 classes had the chance to take part in a competition to design some new road safety banners to hang on the fences around the school near our three entry gates.

We ended up with four winners and you can see their banners here. In fact, you can see the banners on the school perimeter fence as they were put up as soon as the winners were announced in our Friday assemblies. The children who designed the banners went outside on Friday afternoon to be the first to see them.

BANNER 1 designed by Lidia, Nina and Paulina from Year 4
BANNER 2 designed by Amina from Year 5
BANNER 3 designed by Aryan in Year 5
BANNER 4 designed by Khansa and Lucky in Year 5


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  1. Hi, my name is Trevor Savage.
    I’ve just seen your posters for Road Safety Aware Week outside your school.
    I thought what a fantastic job your pupils have done. Congratulations to all.
    The one that stands out for me is Year 5 Aryan.
    Beautiful colours, simple and to the point. Please offer a big well done from me, please.

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