Year 3: Recorder Tuition

recorder-instrument-clipart-1.jpgThis year, Year 3 have had the opportunity to learn the recorder.  Mrs Ronalds from the Luton Music Service has been coming every Friday to teach the children how to play the instrument and to read musical notation. She awards bands when the children complete simple assessment pieces.  Most of the children in the year group have achieved their white bands, which is playing B, A and G.  Recently, several children from Tulip and Dolphin classes have been awarded their yellow bands, which is a brilliant achievement.

Here is Jasper playing the piece of music called ‘Playing Recorders’ which is their orange band assessment piece.

We would like to say a big well done to all of the children for the hard work they are putting into learning the recorder.


  1. I admire his ability to play so well, and in such a relaxed way, with no musical score in front of him. His timing when recommencing after a number of bars rest is impressive. Okay, so I’m his grandfather but I play in a band and can see his talent. My sincere thanks to Mrs Ronalds for bringing this out.

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