The Year 6 production of ‘Oliver!’ left all who watched and were involved beaming with pride last night. What an occasion!

Every child in Year 6 had a hand in the making of the show. From the actors, the choir, set designers, prop makers and the costume department – this was a true team effort.

In the words of one of our cast members, “Even though I only have two lines, I feel like I’m a big part of it, because everyone needs a role. If they didn’t then it wouldn’t be as good as if the person was in it.” We agree. Well done EVERYONE! You’ve made St. Matthew’s and our community very, very proud!

Watch our documentary and see pictures below!

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One comment

  1. Wow what a performance! A very big well done to all of year six and their teachers for all the hard work that went into making ‘Oliver’ such a fantastic success. The costumes, props and sets were all amazing and the singers and actors were all brilliant. Well worth the trip down from Scotland!!

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