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Children from St Matthew’s Knitting Club attended a community event at Hope Church to knit squares for a blanket.

This blanket will be raffled locally and the money raised from the sale used to support Syrian refugees.

The girls really enjoyed contributing to this project; these are some of their comments:

It’s fun to be outside of school and getting ideas to look at other people’s knitting.

I have really super duper enjoyed knitting at the Big Knit. I am really grateful for being chosen to come. It has been a wonderful and unique experience.

I had a really nice experience at the Big Knit.

I had a really good experience at the Big Knit, everyone here was friendly.

I had a really great time, I would love to come back, thank you.

I really enjoyed the Big Knit. I had a very nice time knitting and I had a very nice experience. I would really, really love to come again, thank you so much.

The reason why I like knitting was because I have experienced many things and other talented women. Another reason why I love knitting is that you get to help other people as well.

Here are some photographs taken at The Big Knit:

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