Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day is an important date in the calendar when many people in Great Britain and around the world think of members of the armed services who have lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars and other conflicts that have happened at other times.

Children in Year 5 and 6 gathered together to think about the freedom we have in Great Britain and to reflect on the sacrifice made by so many to achieve this liberty.

The assembly was led by our Assistant Headteacher Mr Bell and featured traditional music of remembrance, including Nimrod by Edward Elgar and The Last Post.

Five girls who belong to local Girls Brigade and Brownie groups read poems and writing about remembrance.

Mrs Edwards, another Assistant Headteacher, talked to the children about the importance of remembering members of her own family and she brought in a World War One medal and other artifacts to share with the children.

Otter Class had made two remembrance wreaths, one a traditional red poppy wreath and the other a wreath of purple poppies to remember all the animals that are involved in conflict. This colour was also significant as we continue to remember a member of staff who died recently following a long illness. Purple was her favourite colour.

The two minutes’ silence was perfectly observed by everyone in the assembly and all other classes around the school stopped their morning activities and had a time of silence in their classrooms too.

At the end of the assembly the two wreaths were placed on our school’s original  foundation stone beneath the London Plane tree at the front of the school so that parents arriving to collect children at the end of the day would remember the significance of November 11th.

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