The Bravest Mouse


Full House Theatre Company visited today and presented The Bravest Mouse, described as “a poignant and moving story of Timble, a little mouse who stows away in a soldier’s back pack and finds himself in the terrible trenches of World War One”.

Live action and puppetry combined to tell the story in a remarkable way, and taught our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children about the First World War, which was taking place exactly one hundred years ago.

Here are some photos taken during the performance which the children were all enthralled by.

Thank you to Full House Theatre Company for visiting us today.

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Screenshot 2015-06-17 20.03.55
Screenshot 2015-06-17 20.04.30


  1. Karen! you never told anyone you were leaving. we all miss you and hope you have a great time in your new school. come back and visit us

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