Year 3 visit London!

Yr3 London

As part of their current topic, Year 3 recently took a trip into London for some sightseeing. Starting at Victoria, they took an open-top bus around many of London’s famous landmarks, followed by a short walk to the Tower of London. After a quick stop for lunch they hopped on a boat for a cruise down the River Thames back up to Westminster.

See our video from the day below!


  1. Hi Mrs Stewart!
    Oh my god it is so great to hear from you it’s been a while since I saw St Matts and don’t worry the work isn’t too hard but exams are coming they are in June eek! I hope you are well I saw Mr Green in the photo shoot thingy when my little sister got an award I wanted to come and did it was very awkward seeing Mr Green at first he didn’t recognise me then he did! 😝 I am kinda enjoying high school and honestly we have had at least 6 or 7 fundraisers! I hope you are very well and I miss you ever so dearly!!! K.I.T xo xo Aysha

  2. Hi Aysha!
    Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Sorry I missed you when you came to school. I am so glad you are enjoying your new school. I hope the work is not too hard!
    Hope to see you another time!
    Miss Stewart

    1. hello again
      I am visiting with my dad at 11:45 I believe to come and watch the sports day events today (Friday) so this will be very fun indeed! I do go to school at 2:45 on Fridays but the other 4 days I go at 11:45! I hope to see you there mrs Stewart!

  3. hi! This is last years Aysha in Oak class and I would like to say hi and in year seven and eight we went to the Tower of London and it was cool! I am glad I got to see the school for when my little sister won the award I saw Mrs Eldridge and Mr Green and Mrs Scott! I sadly didn’t see mrs Stewart as Mrs Eldridge was filling in for her. I hope St Matts is good and are well!
    Xoxo Aysha😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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