Tour de France

A group of children got the chance to visit London recently for the third stage of the Tour de France cycle race, which this year began in Yorkshire. The third stage went from Cambridge to The Mall in London.

The children travelled into London on the underground, and spent some time in Trafalgar Square where there was a fan park set up. Here the children had time to watch the race on the big screen and take a look at some of the attractions. Each child got to have their picture taken in front of the green screen looking as they had just won the Tour de France.

After this they walked down Whitehell past Downing Street and towards the Houses of Parliament, where they stopped and waited for the procession of sponsors and team vehicles to come down the route, throwing out lots of free promotional goods into the crowd.

From there they walked into St James Park and down The Mall, again watching the race on the big screen. Each child then took part in a 400m sprint event on bikes. Their times were logged to see who was the fastest of the day. Corey in Bluebell class was the fastest of the group, sprinting the 400m in 29.12 seconds.

After this they made their way back to the underground station in Leicester Square to return to school.

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