The Mayor comes to Discovery Day

Our Discovery Day on June 5 proved to be a big hit with parents and visitors.

Visitors were given a guided tour of the school to view our outstanding facilities including the welcoming family centre, vibrant classrooms, colourful displays, exhibits and sport facilities.

Adam Bell, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our Discovery Day was a huge success with many people coming to see our unique learning community in action.”

One visitor to the school said: “St. Matthew’s Primary School is a wonderful, exciting and inspiring place for the children to come to learn. The staff here are engaged and motivated to help all children of High Town and Luton succeed.”

Cllr Mohammed Farooq, Mayor of Luton said: “This was the first school I have visited since becoming Mayor and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I particularly liked meeting parents, pupils and staff of St Matthew’s Primary and hearing about all the wonderful things that makes this school so special. There was a fantastic atmosphere and you could clearly see that the children really enjoyed coming here and were very proud of their school. I was very impressed with all the facilities I viewed on the tour.”

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