Sport Relief Makes Us Happy!

You might have seen the video on YouTube featuring the people of Luton recreating the “Happy” video by Pharrell Williams. Well, as we were having so much fun on Sport Relief Day we decided to make our own St Matthew’s version of “Happy” today.

Who did you recognise in the video?

A huge “WELL DONE” to Mr Green who went round and filmed all the teachers performing crazy dances and a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who was willing to make themselves look a bit silly for just a few seconds, although now the video is on the website it will be there for people to see for a very long time. (We didn’t quite think that through, did we?)

Rabbit Class in Year 1 also made a Happy Video …

… and Otter Class in Year 5 did too!


  1. God I miss St Matthews. I wasn’t the best student but it was good fun. It was good to see Mr Khan still there does anybody know if Miss Pratt is still there?

  2. Dear Ms Thomas,
    Thank you for putting this up for us and we really appreciate it. We shouldn’t be getting so many treats, you should get one too.
    Thanks a lot.
    Karen from snapdragon xxx

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